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Scp Quiz Ultimate MOD version v0.4.9 for Android.


Quiz based on SCP Foundation.
The SCP Foundation – also known as the Foundation, is a fictional organization that contains SCP anomalies and shields ordinary people from them.
In the game, yours is waiting for a lot of various, tricky and interesting questions about popular SCP objects.
Questions about SCP objects: SCP-173, SCP-049, SCP-106, SCP-096, SCP-087, SCP-682, SCP-999, and many more!
Questions about MTFs, notable SCP Foundation scientists, and other parts of the beloved universe.

Examples of popular Foundation objects:
SCP-087 (Author: Zaeyde) is believed to be an endless staircase leading down, inhabited by SCP-087-1, which appears as a face without a mouth, pupils, or nostrils.
SCP-096 (author: Dr Dan) is a humanoid entity with a slight build. If you look this object in the face, it will begin to pursue the person who sees it at high speed, and after reaching nothing remains of the victim. This effect also extends to photographs and/or video footage of SCP-096's face. SCP-096's jaws can open four times more than normal for an average human. Typically, SCP-096 is extremely calm, with chamber pressure sensors indicating that it spends most of the day pacing along the east wall.
SCP-106 (author: Dr Gears) is a humanoid, similar to a semi-decomposed human corpse, which is able to pass through solid bodies and teleport victims to its "pocket dimension".
SCP-173 (Author: Moto42) is a sculpture. When maintaining eye contact, the object remains completely motionless, but when it stops (including when blinking), it goes to the victim and kills it by breaking the neck or strangulation. It is the most popular and, concurrently, the oldest object of the Foundation.
SCP-999 the Tickle Monster appears as a large, amorphous, gelatinous mass of clear orange mucus, weighing approximately 54 kg and having a viscosity similar to that of peanut butter.
The creature's personality can best be described as 'playful', somewhat dog-like in its behavior: if approached, SCP-999 will feign elation.
Touching the surface of SCP-999 immediately induces a euphoria that increases in intensity with the duration of contact and continues long after separation from the entity.
Individuals suffering from depression or PTSD, after interacting with SCP-999, become alert and have an extremely positive outlook on life. The possibility of selling SCP-999 mucus as an antidepressant has been discussed.
More levels are planned for the future, so join and test your knowledge in this SCP quiz!
This game is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 and is based on the SCP Foundation (


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Scp Quiz Ultimate mod apk for Android

Mod for Version: 0.4.9

Android Version: 4.4

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