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Professor Piggy Bank (Learning & Counting Coins) MOD version v2.1.0 for Android.


Professor Piggy Bank is a fun & educational app featuring the four major coins used in the United States. With this app you can learn about coins, save money by putting coins in a piggy bank, play a game, count money, and take a quiz. It's a great app for children to use to learn about coins while having fun. This app has four different modes; PLAY, SAVE $, LEARN, & QUIZ……..

In PLAY mode the object of the game is to bounce the piggy up and collect coins while avoiding blocks and falling down. This mode features two control options so you can either Tilt the device to move the piggy left & right or select Touch for on-screen arrows. The results screen at the end of each game also shows you how many of each coin was collected and the total values.

In SAVE $ mode, you can add coins to the piggy bank and it shows you how much money you've saved. So when you add coins to your real piggy bank, just open up the app and add those same coins to this piggy bank. It's a great tool for keeping up with how much you've been saving, and it can be emptied if you decide to empty your piggy bank.

In LEARN mode, you can learn about how much each coin is worth, how they look on the front and back, and various other information. In QUIZ mode, there are a lot of different questions with multiple choice answers. The questions can be simply asking you to tap on a specific coin or how much a coin is worth, but most of the questions will involve figuring out/counting which set of coins it takes to equal a certain value. Both LEARN & QUIZ modes have voiced dialogue for auditory learning, but it can be turned on or off in the settings.

Professor Piggy Bank is great for basically all ages! Save money and have fun while learning! Teaches kids the basics of the four main U.S. coins, and incorporates mathematics with addition, subtraction, and multiplication of coin values for older children. Great for helping kids with counting coins, learning coins, and more. This educational app has been used in classrooms across the United States to help children in 1st grade, 2nd grade, & 3rd grade learn about coins. Great learning tool to add to your school or home school curriculum.

√ Four awesome modes: PLAY, SAVE $, LEARN, & QUIZ

√ Sharp, colorful, high quality graphics

√ Real coin sound effects and cheerful audio

√ Voiced dialogue in LEARN & QUIZ modes

√ Settings: Control: Tilt/Touch, Music On/Off, Sound FX On/Off, Voice On/Off

If you're looking for great educational games/apps for children, Professor Piggy Bank will be a great addition to your phone and/or tablet! Casual & challenging fun for kids of all ages! Great edtech tool for first graders, second graders, third graders, other grades and their teachers! Enjoy!


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Professor Piggy Bank (Learning & Counting Coins) mod apk for Android

Mod for Version: 2.1.0

Android Version: 4.1 and up

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