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Dream Interpretation MOD version v2.2 for Android.


Have you had a mysterious dream? Do you ever wonder what your dreams mean? Use the Dream Interpretations app to help you understand the possible meanings and implications of your dreams.

At Dream Interpretations, we use our years of experience and expertise to interpret your dreams and to provide you with a reading that analyzes all the images, events and moments and their relationships within not just one dream, but your entire dream history!
Sign up monthly to allow your dreams to be analysed and interpreted!

We look at the unusual symbols within your dreams and compare them with thousands of years of records of dream interpretations. Our team of dream interpreters will offer you specific insights from the most respectable and well-regarded authorities on dream interpretation.

Our dream interpretation app is supported by dozens of dream interpretation specialists. All of the analysis is undertaken by people who have gained experience for many years.
If you are a dream interpretation specialist yourself, feel free to can contact us – be sure to send your credentials as well.

How is a Dream Interpreted?
Dream interpretations can be made by scholars, parapsychologists or religious figures. Each branch of interpretation uses different methods and data to analyze dreams in their unique ways.

We provide you with tailored interpretations that are compiled by considering the situations, objects and details experienced and encountered during your dream. Dreams should be interpreted holistically and that is what we do here, we look at each individual detail as well as looking at the larger picture of events. Singular and narrow scoped interpretations in online dream books and dictionaries cannot clarify the truthful meaning of your dream. Dream dictionaries just enable you to investigate parts that should be looked at as a whole. It will be more beneficial and accurate to have your dreams interpreted by a verified expert.

People quickly start to forget a dream that they have seen, because of this, when you wake up write down all the details you remember about your dream and send it to us via the app. This will help us to interpret your dreams in more detail and give you a more accurate reading.

What is the Type of Dream You See?

There are many dream types which change according to time and content. Dreams are divided into seven types:

1. Standard dreams
2. Nightmares
3. Lucid dreams
4. Recurring dreams
5. Prophetic dreams
6. Vivid dreams
7. Healing dreams

Different dream types can be defined according to different beliefs. The most common dream type is standard dreams. The National Sleep Foundation says an adult has an average of 6 different dreams each night, they mainly occur during the REM cycle of your sleep.

Why Do We Forget Our Dreams?

Most of us think that we dream very little, this is because we forget 90-95% of our dreams! Although the reason for this is not exactly known, some theories suggest that we cannot concentrate on dreams while asleep. The remembrance rate is higher for those people who believe that dreams are important. Another theory suggests that the dreams we see are not kept as memories due to the norepinephrine hormone (which is related to memory) being not secreted while asleep.

Suggestions for Better Dream Recall

For the most accurate dream interpretations, it is beneficial to remember the dream clearly.

Here are some suggestions: firstly, you have to convince yourself before you sleep that you want to remember your dreams; afterwards, we suggest keeping a dream journal for dream interpretation. For effective dream interpretation, you should write down all the details of the dream you see as soon as you wake up in the dream diary. If these steps are not followed, you can risk forgetting the details of your dreams rapidly.

We have the first app for personalized dream meanings and interpretations!


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Dream Interpretation mod apk for Android

Mod for Version: 2.2

Android Version: 4.1 and up

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