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BabyWiseTunes MOD version v2.0 for Android.


BabyWiseTunes® is a smartphone app which integrates a unique advanced early stimulation method for babies through music, sound and the emotional bonds with parents during the sessions.

Our exclusive method has been developed and tested by BabyWiseTunes®. It is the first method which offers auditory musical training for your baby and adapts it for early stimulation.

Any peaceful moment is a perfect time to listen to the BabyWiseTunes® sessions. You can listen to the sessions while relaxing, during playtime, while massaging your baby, to wake your baby up or put the child to sleep, at the end of the day with the family, or in any situation which only you know how to find and make time for.

Learn about the benefits of our method

• Emotional bond. During the sessions, you'll stimulate your bonds of affection.
• Musical stimulation. Work and stimulate your baby's musical ear.
• Unique sensory and emotional experience. The sessions have been designed so that both of you can enjoy them with a unique and innovative sensory and emotional experience.
• Emergence of babbling and language. Stimulating the emergence of babbling and language.

Why BabyWiseTunes

BabyWiseTunes® has been created to stimulate your baby through sounds during those unique months when your child is listening to the surroundings to learn how to speak. Something almost magical happens during this period: we learn to speak at an astonishing rate.

In these first months when the baby has little mobility or is still developing this skill, the ear canal is an excellent option to take advantage of the baby's neuronal plasticity, encouraging your child to think using musical notes.

Babies’ first relationships with adults come from the emotional level. BabyWiseTunes® has thus created a musical educational method for babies which integrates the universal language of emotions: music.

The sound design accompanying each session has been developed to represent the sound that the baby hears inside the mother's womb, and has been created through several recordings of water sounds.

How it works

Our method consists of 6 progressive levels. Each level lasts for 8 weeks.

Each week you can access 3 weekly sessions between 3 and 5 minutes long, with 3 musical exercises, and a short reinforcement exercise. Week after week, these will continue evolving and changing progressively.

Every week, the sessions will focus the work on developing a melodic motif, alternating new exercises with reviews of previous exercises and motifs.

Below you can find detailed information about the method's different phases.

• BabyWiseTunes1: Affection
• BabyWiseTunes2: Beats in movement
• BabyWisetunes3: Rhythm
• BabyWiseTunes4: Harmonization
• BabyWisetunes5: Fusion
• BabyWisetunes6: Reinforcement

BabyWiseTunes® always recommends a smooth but constant application, where less is always more. We also recommend playing the sessions at a soft and relaxing volume.

BabyWiseTunes® is a free app which you can use to access the method by weeks, by levels, or if you want, you can buy the whole series.

Once you have access to the sessions you don't have to worry about anything other than pushing play.

BabyWiseTunes® recommends using its sessions responsibly, limiting its use to 3 daily sessions. For us, less is always more, especially when talking about babies.


The BabyWiseTunes team.
Enjoy the experience!


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BabyWiseTunes mod apk for Android

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Android Version: 4.1 and up

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