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One Finger Death Punch Apk v4.32 Modded


Features One Finger Death Punch v4.32
Tap left or right, it’s that easy to play.
Climb the ladder and dominate each league as you show your friends who is the true master.
Do battle in survival mode to achieve weekly rankings.
Simple controls make it easy to play but precision is required to become the best, this is not a button masher.
Each day holds many great rewards.
•Tablet devices support

What’s new:
1. Super Grand Master 5 Equipments add
2. Eagle / Tiger Kung-fu, Capoeira Package add (in store)
3. Stun Effect fixed
4. ‘HP+ for every 1 second of attention’ effect bug fixed
5. Game Optimization

Hacks: Moonblink
End-game Coins Gain Increased Immensely
End-game Exp Gain Increased Immensely
End-game Score Gain Increased Immensely
End-game Stamina Gain Increased Immensely
Non-Rooted Method Included

I think gold is server sided, so don’t bother. There’s two APKs inside the archive. So extract it, obviously and then install the corresponding APK for your device, if you’re rooted install the rooted APK, and vice versa, if not. Make sure you turn off your internet connection if you’re going to play in offline mode with the non-rooted APK or else it will certainly crash.

This app has Google Mobile Ads advertisements

One Finger Death Punch One Finger Death Punch v4.32One Finger Death Punch

Download Apk Files Below ::

One Finger Death Punch v4.32 Apk
NonRoot || Root

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