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Dark Corridors 2 Apk Data 1.35 MEGA MOD


No matter how tough you are, it will freaks you out when you playing with your earphone at night.
Start your race with your nimble fingers and use right items to finish your race.

▶ A running game mixed with stories together

You’ll find out the behind stories after completing every missions.
What’s the truth? Get over the extreme horror and find out the truth!

▶ Competing with your friends and see your rankings through the Facebook ranking dashboard and
Google leaderboard.

If you are scared to death, just keep running!

▶ Have special powers with each different character’s costume

Each different character’s costumes will protect you from the obstacles and the ghosts.
Don’t forget, there’s a hot special “swim suit” costume for your burning summer season.

▶ More you run, the more various ghosts and obstacles you meet!
Lots of ghosts and obstacles pop out every where you never expected, you will have to watch out and
keep running to escape from all of them. You’ve got to survive to find out the truth.

▶ Enjoy your fever time, just finishing by all your 4 stages.

Be steady and keep your eyes on extreme tense moments right after enjoying your fever time! See what
happens next..


▶ Fear notice

This game contains lots of extremely intense contents, it may freaks you out! Please do not play if you
are pregnant and keep out of children.

▶ Smartphone notice

Please play the game in a safe place, just in case you may throw out your smartphone when you freak
out while you are playing.

▶ Exciting notice

Hot special summer “swim suit” costume will be released. Keep concentrate on your game and do not
just keep watching the swim suit over and over with a sexy phat body.

1. Buy any —>ITEM <— (Only Item, a picture of item section is posted below) and get 5000 Premium Currency/Bloods.
2. Use Bloods to buy Souls.
3. Anti-Cheat Bypassed.
4. Obscure Currency Check Bypassed.
5. Injection Detector Bypassed.
6. Speed Hack Detector Bypassed.
– You may you SBGH or GameKiller to make own edits.

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Dark Corridors 2 v1.35

Download Apk Files Below ::

Dark Corridors 2 v1.35 Apk
Mirror1 || Mirror2
Dark Corridors 2 v1.35 Data
Mirror1 || Mirror2

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