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An Octave Higher Download v1.2 Apk OBB


Features An Octave Higher v1.2
6 different endings
1 true ending
3 different points of view
A large range of characters
A hidden Easter Egg (can you find it?)
Can save at any point in the game

[The factory worker who tried to heal a broken piano] Life isn’t easy when you lead a Proletariat, Elise is told that her class doesn’t have the luxury to choose a happy ending. But none the less she stays positive, for all she wants to do is play the piano. Her life is drastically changed through her chance meeting with Franz.

[The final year student who is researching the effect of healing magic on inanimate objects] At the top of a prestigious school of magical science, Franz’s professor has high hopes for him. Franz is entrusted with a project that could be the key to revolutionising the magical industry, but Franz isn’t all that enthusiastic. But when he meets Elise, things slowly start to change

[The aristocrat who will do anything to get Elise’s attention] Frederic is well known as a Sorcerer, a magical sport fighter, as well as being Lord Godwin’s son. He’s arrogant and has no regard for those below him, but there is an unexpected side to him that even himself may not know. He falls in love with Elise at first site, and will do anything to support her. If only his pride didn’t get in the way.

How to Play
Playing is super easy, just follow the story and select your choices as you go along. There are 6 different endings, of which only one is the true ending.

What’s new:
The only change is that the game now displays the “relationship points” between characters when the in-game menu is open. These are the points that directly affect which ending the player will get.

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An Octave Higher

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An Octave Higher v1.2 Apk
Mirror1 || Mirror2
An Octave Higher v1.2 Data

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