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Airport Madness 2 v1.0 Apk Android


Airport Madness 2 offers:

• Two airport layouts
• 7 levels per airport layout
• Option for continuous-play with adjustable air traffic intensity
• Absolutely no ads
• Absolutely no in-app purchases
As an air traffic controller in this game, your job is to keep aircraft from colliding, while trying to avoid creating unnecessary delays. You will have to pay attention and keep your eyes moving. As in real life, there is always something you should be doing. You must give takeoff clearances, landing clearances and taxi clearances in a strategic effort to maintain safety and efficiency where there would otherwise be total chaos.

Your starting salary is $30,000 and your wage increases, based on your efficiency. Don’t let the aircraft wait! As they sit on the taxiway waiting, you lose money. Keep them moving! There will always be airplanes waiting at the gate, waiting for a takeoff clearance, or waiting to cross a runway.

Safety first! Don’t push it. If you don’t think there will be enough time to squeeze out an airplane, let him sit. If you have three crashes, your game is over. You’re washed up! Finished!!

This app has no advertisements

Airport Madness 2 v1.0Airport Madness 2 Airport Madness 2 v1.0

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Airport Madness 2 v1.0 Apk
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